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Looking for a fun, clear and friendly voice?
cami hunter voice over actor
Cami Hunter Voice Over Actor


Is your goal to grab the attention of Millennials for your product or service?

It can be tricky. You need just right sound and persona in your voice advertising to cut through the noise of the many ads that are also targeting the Millennial market. What’s more, you need someone who is self-directed, can complete your work on time, and provide exceptional quality down to the smallest detail.

Cami Hunter voiceover actorcami hunter voice over actor
Cami’s sound is an ideal draw for the Millennial market!
cami hunter voiceover actorcami hunter voiceover actorcami hunter voiceover actorcami hunter voiceover actorcami hunter voiceover actorcami hunter voiceover actorcami hunter voiceover actorcami hunter voiceover actorcami hunter voiceover actor
Cami Hunter Voice Over Actor

Cami Hunter is one of the best up-and-coming voiceover artists for the 21st Century. She’s quickly learned to master her craft and provide her clients with a wide range of voice options that lead to successful marketing campaigns.

What makes Cami’s voice stand out from the competition is her ability to create younger sounding voices from little girls and boys on up to teens and those in their early twenties. Clients can get the youthful voice they need without having to work with actual children—a situation that can sometimes be challenging.

Camille Hunter is a voice over talent to be reckoned with! She recently participated in a training video, where she convincingly portrayed two characters of differing ages that were engaged in a heated argument. Camille interpreted my words with her own sense of wit and insight, which resulted in an animated and engaging dialogue. I could not have asked for a better actress for my project and will definitely be employing her services in my future endeavors.

Cassandra S.

Inside the Studio

  • Rode NT1A microphone
  • PreSonus Audiobox iTwo interface
  • PreSonus Eris E5 monitors
  • Studio One 3 DAW
  • MacBook Pro laptop

Cami’s goal is to provide her clients with excellence each and every time.

Hire Cami for commercials and promos for radio, television, and internet, e-learning, children’s or young adult audiobooks, and more!

Contact Camille Hunter today for a quote or custom audition.

Phone: 706-447-9030

Prompt Turnaround

Cami uses state-of-the-art equipment to create, edit, and deliver completed files with a 24-hour turn-around time. She has the capability to patch clients into a recording session via Phone Patch or Skype, or she can work at a client’s site if required.