Voice Acting

It all started with an applauding microphone—no not a Neumann.

When I was a toddler, I used to walk around the house performing with my toy microphone and bowing to invisible audiences while it clapped on demand. Needless to say, my parents hated this toy. A few years later, I landed my first major role as Valerie in my summer camp’s rendition of The Princess Bride. I practiced my villain laugh for days to prepare for the role.

Fast forward to junior high school, I noticed something was different about me. My classmate’s voices were starting to mature and crack due to puberty, while mine remained the same. Over the years, I’ve been called everything from “squeaky” to “pipsqueak”. (Cue Stephanie Tanner’s “How rude!” Here.)

To this day, people ask if my mom is available when they call my direct line. It ends up becoming super awkward when I tell them who I am. So, who am I?

Hi, my name is Camille Hunter, but you can call me Cami! 🙂

I’m an animated, dynamic African-American voice over actress living in Charlotte, NC. I’ve had the honor of training with some of the top voice over coaches in the industry. My youthful voice lends itself well to commercials, animation, e-learning and toys.  I absolutely love performing, both on stage (hi, OTC Improv!) and in my recording studio.

When I’m not performing, you can catch me eating tacos or practicing YouTube yoga in my living room.

Let’s create something amazing!
Phone: 706-447-9030
Email: cami@camillehunterVO.com

Cami has been told her whole life that she needs to do something with her voice. And I can see why– it’s adorable! She does acting and it shows– she has wonderful instincts, takes direction well and is a quick study.

Noelle Romano

Working with Cami Hunter on a commercial for my chocolate covered strawberry business was one of the best decisions that I have ever made for my business! I needed a voice over done for Valentines Day. She scheduled time with me and was not only easy to work with, but provided the creative wording and the voicing I needed for my ad. I received raving responses and will be working with her again in the near future!

Chris Grant

Cami Hunter has an amazing voice, and she is a blast to work with. So professional with the right amount of fun to bring to any project. She took direction well and I will be using her for future projects!

J.F Donaldson