VO Atlanta is currently the largest voiceover conference in the industry. People from all over the world fly into Atlanta during March to attend this jam-packed conference. With over 700 attendees, things can certainly become overwhelming. This blog is meant to help you find your way at VO Atlanta.

Plan Ahead & Be Strategic

There are a TON of things to do at VO Atlanta.

  • General Sessions – conference sessions that are included in your registration fee
  • X-Sessions – two hour small group workshops where you learn about a particular topic & depending on the topic, have the chance to get behind the mic
  • Team Challenge – write, record, and produce a commercial with a group of peers for a chance to win free entry into the conference the following year
  • Exhibit Hall – get more information, and sometimes discounts, on equipment, coaching, and a plethora of other things
  • Agent Readings

The list goes on and on and on!

The conference schedule is posted online in advance and I highly recommend you mark the sessions that you’d like to attend. Schedule sessions that will have the most impact on your voiceover career on your phone calendar. Don’t forget to include the name of the conference room!

There are so many different types of sessions at this conference that it’s easy to attend things without a sense of direction.

Are you trying to add e-learning to your reservoir? Schedule the e-learning sessions!
Do you need help with marketing your voiceover business? Stalk an agent (kidding!) attend a marketing session (or 5)
Are you having issues with editing? There’s probably a session for that!

TLDR: Go into the conference with a goal (or two) and schedule sessions that will help you accomplish that goal.

Get Off That Wall!

I have met the friendliest people at VO Atlanta.  Some of these folks I talk to fairly often. They have referred me to jobs, offered advice during moments of panic, and have made my voiceover career less isolating.

The number of people attending the conference can be overwhelming, but make it a point to talk to strangers. They won’t bite! & when I say talk, I mean actually talk. Don’t be the person who shoves their business card in someone’s hand and walks away. Please don’t be that person 😫! Breakfast and lunch are great opportunities to network and meet new people.

There are non voiceover activities available also. In the past, there has been everything from face painting to karaoke to improv performances.

TLDR: Ignore your parents advice and talk to strangers. (Only if you’re over the age of 18!)

Take Breaks

There’s so much to do and see and experience at VOA. You may feel the urge to do everything. If you’re an extrovert, you’ll be right in your element surrounded by non-stop action. BUT if you’re an introvert, like myself, find moments to recharge.

Gentle reminders:

  • You don’t have to have a fully packed calendar.
  • You don’t have to be at the party until it shuts down.
  • Find moments to return to your inner zen & find balance.

Get Involved

If you have trouble talking to random people, get involved! There are volunteer opportunities that will allow you to meet random people naturally. I volunteered at the registration table one year and had an absolute blast!

Or consider taking part in the team challenge. It’ll allow you to deeply connect with about 5 other voice talents and it’s a great experience! In the past, teams have had around 24-36 hours to create a commercial from start to finish. Warning: the team challenge can be time-consuming, but it’s totally worth it!

Prolong Your Stay

You’ll probably be worn out by Sunday morning, but you do not want to miss the closing ceremony! This magical two hour timeframe is filled with so much love. People have the opportunity to win amazing prizes and it is a chance to witness what the VO community is all about.

Also, Atlanta is a huge city with so much offer and chances are that you won’t have a lot of opportunity during the conference to explore. Consider staying for an extra day to unwind and experience some of the things Atlanta has to offer. I’m a born & raised Georgia girl so please email me if you need suggestions.

I hope these tips help you navigate VO Atlanta! Learn a lot. Network your butt off & have fun ☺️

For those who have attended the conference before – what is your #1 tip?